Win Free Chaturbate Tokens

I am sure you are well aware of all the websites who say that they offer free Chaturbate tokens or they have a token hack or generator. I am too and I am sick of seeing them. None of them really offer tokens or none of them are hacks. They just want you to fall for their trick so you will do a quick survey and you never do see your tokens. Seeing the demand for tokens made me realize as an internet marketer I could use my smarts in this area for good.So I came up with a weekly sweepstakes for token!

It's easy to do what you will do is sign up under my link by clicking here      (That's my link and it's the only way I will allow winners) Next thing you will do is enter the email below that you used to sign up with  in the sweepstakes box below. The third and final thing you will do is spend 20 dollars or 200 tokens. That is all there is to it. Every Friday I will draw a winner, if you already signed up under my link you don't need to enter again and you will be automatically be entered to win again AS LONG AS YOU HAVE SPENT $20 THAT WEEK.(Keep your receipt)

For example let's say you sign up today, and you spend at least $20. Next Friday I draw names. Your the winner! I will email you and ask for a copy of your receipt , after you respond and show proof that you spent the min. amount of Twenty Dollars I will load your account with 500 tokens. That's a lot of fun on Chaturbate!

Now here is the best part, let's say you didn't win this week and you signed up under my account. You are automatically entered into the sweepstakes again so you could easily win infant amount of times! Imagine getting 500 free Chaturbate Tokens every week! It could happen easily.

So lets go over this again one more time, that way you can enter to win free Chaturbate Tokens!

1. Sign up for chaturbate using this  Click HereLINK 

2. Enter your email below.

3. Spend $20 Dollars some time during the week and save your receipt

4. Check email every  Friday at 8pm eastern standard time to see I contact you about winning. 

If your wondering why I am doing this or what's in it for me. It's easy, your signing up under me as an affiliate of Chaturbate when someone sign ups under me   I am paid a sum of what they buy. So if you spend $20 I get 3.99 of that it takes 30 people to do that for this to be profitable to me.

So it's an easy win for everyone. You the customer wins because you get free tokens and you don't have to worry about being lied too about Token Hacks or survey or anything. I repeat I will not send you a survey or anything like that in order to win! That is my guarantee and I stick to it. If at anytime you think I've mislead you or anything just let me know and we will make it right with you!

I am just going to throw this out there again because some people will be crazy enough to believe there is a token generator or hack that can get them unlimited tokens there is not . If there was I would know it, people get paid when you fill out those surveys so they are trying to get you to do one there is nothing on the other end of those expect for the peoples websites that they are on.

If you really want free tokens this is the closest your going to get so take advantage of it. I plan on running this for a long time as long as it is working for my followers and myself. So good luck, I hope everyone that reads this wins!